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              1. Company profile

                factory.jpgNingbo Zhenhai Hongjia Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and manufacture of various bearings. The company has modern production equipment and advanced bearing manufacturing technology. It has first-class technical talents and some non-standard products. Customers can provide different types of non-standard products according to customer's requirements by providing drawings or samples. They have achieved excellence in quality with a scientific attitude, and have adopted strict and advanced testing methods to produce: 

                High-precision special bearing; turning bearing pulley; non-standard F-flange bearing; non-standard micro-small bearing; roller; guide wheel; outer ring wrapped plastic nylon bearing; outer ring slotted with V-shaped U-shaped groove bearing; Circular arc bearing; stamping bearing; high-grade toy bearing; furniture bearing; caster bearing hanging wheel; textile equipment bearing; computer embroidery machine bearing, fitness equipment bearing; curtain bearing; carbon steel bearing; garage door pulley; truck pulley, etc... Various machining operations, 

                The company mainly produces two large-sized bearings, one is standard miniature bearings and some small bearings, the model number is up to more than 200 kinds, and the second is various non-standard bearing pulleys, with more than 300 models.  The above models are complete in variety, reasonable in price, stable in quality, prompt delivery, warmly welcome new and old customers and overseas customers to call, letter to negotiate business visits to guide the company.

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